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Newspapers and Magazines 1900s
1950 -1975
21st Man feared lost hunting old gold mine. The Charleston Daily Mail, 28 February 1951 etc.
"Mystery mine" may have another victim, The Post-Register, Idaho Falls, 1 March 1951 etc.
White-haired prospector escapes lost mine curse - The Coquitlam Herald, 24 August 1951
Has "Lost Creek Mine" claimed 21st victim? - Sun or Province 26 October 1951
"Lost Creek" search fruitless; Pitt River wilds still hold secret on prospector's fate, by Bruce Larsen- Province, 29 October 1951
Gold prospector believed victim of treasure hunt, Dixon Evening Telegraph, 30 October 1951 etc.
The Mystery of "Lost Creek Mine," by C.V. Tench, The Wide World Magazine, Australian Edition, November 1951
Eyes go glassy at legend of gold, Sun, 20 December 1951
Legend of fabulous lost creek mine bared for the first time by Indian chief-Province, 21 December 1951
Old Slumach's curse dogs prospectors; lost creek gold meant violent death, by Bruce Larsen- Province, 22 December 1951
BC's fabulous mine of missing men- Province (magazine), 22 December 1951
Indian gives lost mine clue-and warning, The Daily Review (Hayward, CA) 22 December 1951 etc.
BC's Fabulous [title incomplete], by Robert McKeown, 22 December 1951
No Gold in "Lost Mine" by B. A. McKelvie- Province, 12 January 1952
pdf Indian ghost stands guard over lost creek gold mine, by Stewart McNeill - Victoria Times, 19 April 1952
pdf This is Lost Creek Mine!, by Bill Ryan and Ray Monroe, Province, 22 April 1952
pdf Old Chief's secret told, claim posted; fabled mine needs no guardian ghost; nature's barriers block seekers of gold, by Bill Ryan, Province, 23 April 1952
pdf Nine claims now staked. "Slumach's Gold" still alluring, Province, 26 May 1952
pdf Local company to survey Slumach Lost Creek property; Stock issue to finance geological exploration of claims; Advertisement in Vancouver Sun and Province, 6 September 1952.
pdf "Lost Creek" gold mine disproved, Province, 18 November 1952
pdf Company finds no gold in Lost Creek mine area, Vancouver News-Herald, 18 November 1952
pdf Lost Creek gold legend punctured, Sun, 18 November 1952
pdf Mine "legend" is punctured, Union Bulletin, Walla Walla, Wash. 18 November 1952
pdf No gold encountered in "fabulously rich" lost creek mine, Pitt Lake, Western Mining News, 15 January 1953
pdf Slumach Lost Creek Mine Ltd., The Wide World Magazine, March 1953, Australian Edition.
pdf Bluebeard of Pitt Lake or the lost gold mine, by L.G. Temple, Colonist 29 March 1953
pdf New hunt for "Lost Mine;" this time by helicopter, Vancouver Sun 28 August 1954
pdf The lost gold of Garibaldi, by Cecil Clark, Sun, 31 December 1954
pdf A building with a macabre past by Jimmie McPhee, Columbian, 21 May 1955
pdf They haven't found murderer's mine, Daily Colonist, 28 October 1956
pdf Diamond drill to roar on "Lost Creek" claim, Province, 23 July 1956
pdf The gold mine murders of nine BC women by C.V. Tench, Liberty July 1956
pdf They haven't found murderer's mine, Daily Colonist, 28 October 1956
pdf Over 100 years old link to fabulous mine: William Pierre buried - Province 21 January 1957
pdf Link with B.C.'s lost creek mine dies on reserve, Winnipeg Free Press 21 January 1957
pdf The Lost Gold Mine, a legend grown from facts, Columbian 24 June 1957
pdf Lost Gold and Murdered Maids, Thomas P. Kelley, Cavalier, July 1958
pdf Old miner knew the end was near: Death didn't hurry day of decision, Cecil Clark, Daily Colonist 21 June 1959
pdf Slumach - Murderer of Louis Bee, The Native Voice, July 1959
pdf Lost mine's curse dogs valley trio, Sun, 10 September 1959
pdf U.S.Man Died Hunting Gold-Lost Mine's 23rd Victim, Sun, 23 July 1960
pdf Prospector dies during mine search, Columbian, 23 July 1960
pdf Lost gold hunt kills victim 23, Province 23 July 1960
pdf Slumach's cursed lost gold mine gets 23rd victim, Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Gazette. 28 July 1960
pdf Another sacrifice on the altar of gold, Coquitlam Herald, 28 July 1960
pdf Is this lost creek gold mine?- British Columbian, 10 June 1961
pdf Lost gold mine close to city says New Westminster editor | Tunnel could lead To fabulous riches - Colonist, 11 June 1961
pdf Gold fever becomes epidemic as hundreds hunt lost mine- British Columbian, 12 June 1961
pdf Prospecting is for the birds! By Elmer McLellan, British Columbian, 12 June 1961
pdf Legendary gold mine found 30 minutes from city limits, Prince Rupert Daily News, 12 June 1961
pdf Hunted for 70 years; claim staked to legendary gold mine, (Victoria) Times,12 June 1961
pdf With riches (?) come problems; Editor won't stoop for gold; he shudders when he heard the "news"-British Columbian, 13 June 1961
pdf Reg Beaumont still seeks lost mine; he shuddered when he heard when he heard the "news" - British Columbian, 13 June 1961
pdf Sheridan hill once Menzies Island- British Columbian, 17 June 1961
pdf A curse guards this lost gold mine, by Edward R. Green- Winnipeg Free Press, 21 April 1962
pdf Fortune still elusive; lost Pitt Lake mine- British Columbian, 14 March 1963
pdf Old-timers told intriguing tales of lost treasure, by Cecil Clark, Colonist, 15 December 1963
pdf The incurable Slumach gold mine disease; annual search begins, by Bruce Ramsey- Province, 30 January 1964
pdf The fabulous tale of Slumach's gold, by Alan Jay, Canada Month April 1966
pdf Slumach and his mine, letter from W.W. Burton, Columbian, 6 May 1966
pdf Landmarks of History-Slumach's mine, by L.C. Knight- British Columbia Digest, September - October 1966
pdf Old Slumach, by S/Sgt. R. Harding- The RCMP Quarterly, July 1968
pdf Sick 71-year-old survives glacier crawl, 10 mile trek, by Fred Curtin, Province 16 August 1968
pdf Prospector winning 12-day fight for life, Winnipeg Free Press, 16 August 1968
pdf Over the rainbow to Slumach's lost mine- Colonist, 2 November 1969
pdf For centennial 71; Slumach legend book topic, Columbian, 19 December 1970
pdf The lost mine of Pitt Lake, by N.L. Barlee - Canada West Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 4, Winter 1970
pdf The way it was; curse haunts lost mine- Columbian, 18 January 1971
pdf Slumach's ghost guards mine- Columbian, 1 February 1971
pdf Slumach legend refuses to die, book review, Province, 4 August 1972
pdf Looking back in BC; curse haunts lost gold mine, by John Pearson, White Rock Sun, 5 April 1973 (Parts 1 and 2)
pdf The Curse of Slumach's Gold Canyon, by Robert S. Davidson, Saga, The Magazine for Men, August 1973,Vol. 46 No. 5.
pdf Bluebeard's Gold by T.W. Paterson, Treasure Trails of the Old West , Winter 1973
pdf Slumach's curse, by Rick Antonson- Beautiful BC, Spring 1974
pdf Slumach's gold bullets lure 21 to strange death, Surrey-Delta Messenger, 18 April 1974
pdf One step beyond, by Alan Jay, Colonist, 30 December 1974
1950 -1975
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