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Slumach's Gold: In Search of a Legend
Slumach's Gold
In Search of a Legend

Rick Antonson
Mary Trainer
Brian Antonson

Heritage House

ISBN: 978-1-894974-35-6
5.5" x 8.5"
160 pages
50 b/w photos and illustrations
Rick and Brian Antonson first heard about the Salish man Slumach's lost gold mine in 1957. As young boys sitting around a summer night's campfire, an old Native woman told them, "There's a lost gold mine on Pitt Lake . It's got an Indian curse. You'll never find it. At least not find it and live." The story's allure never left them.

In 1972 Mary Trainer joined Rick and Brian Antonson to write In Search of a Legend: Slumach's Gold. The book became a Canadian bestseller, selling 10,000 copies.

The new version of the book Slumach's Gold: In Search of a Legend, published in the fall of 2007 by Heritage House, brings further research, fascinating updates and fresh insights into this timeless mystery and ongoing quest for lost gold. As its 1972 precursor, this is the authoritative book on the subject.

Bestseller: For almost half a year after its publication Slumach's Gold: In Search of a Legend remained on the Vancouver Sun/Association of BC Book Publishers' bestsellers list and recently the sales of Slumach's Gold surpassed the magic number of 5,000 copies sold that makes the book a Canadian bestseller.

Newspaper Reviews: Slumach's Gold was reviewed or mentioned in The Province, 2 September 2007; The Mission Record, 11 October; BC Bookworld Winter 2007/2008; Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows News, 12 December; Abbotsford News, 13 December; Burnaby Now, 15 December; Suite 101, 19 December; Tri- City News, 10 February 2008; Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Times, 26 February (re printed in Abbotsford/Mission Times, 14 March); The Peak, 31 March.

Radio and TV: The book also attracted the attention of radio and TV: CBC Radio: North by Northwest, Alan Twigg, 11 November 2007; CBC Radio: BC Almanac, Mark Forsythe 2 January 2008; Cable 4: Fanny Kiefer, 8 February 2008; City TV : Breakfast Television Show, Dave Gerry, 8 April 2008.

Speaking and book-signing engagements included: Murdoch’s Book Shoppe, Mission, 13 October 2007; Chapters, Coquitlam, 18 November; Coles, Seven Oaks, Abbotsford 15 December; Chapters Metrotown, 16 December; Chapters Robson and Howe, 17 December; Chapters Granville and Broadway, 17 December; Lifetime Learning, Mission, 6 February 2008; Agassiz Library, 12 February; Maple Ridge Library , 13 February; Coquitlam Library, 5 March; Coles, Seven Oaks, Abbotsford, 22 March; Langley Historical Society , 25 March; Heron's Bookstore & Coffee Shop, Pitt Meadows, 27 March; Chapters Metrotown, 27 June, Mission Rotary Club at Best Western Hotel, 1 October; Elder College UFV Chilliwack, 10 October; Port Coquitlam Library, 15 October.

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